What documents will your Lender need? * ...

  1. Copy of driver's license and social security card for each borrower.

  2. Accepted purchase agreement and copy of listing sheet.

  3. Application fee (as required by lender).

  4. Income:

    1. Past two years' history of employment with addresses, phone numbers and length of time on the job.

    2. Past two years' W-2 forms.

    3. Most Recent Paycheck stubs (30 day minimum).

    4. Verification of other income:  social security, child support, retirement, etc.

    5. If self-employed:  Past two years' tax returns, including all schedules and a profit and loss statement for the current year signed by your Accountant.

  5.  Assets:

    1. Most recent statements (for 3 months) for all bank and credit union accounts.

    2. Stocks and bonds:  provide copies of certificates or most recent statements from stockbroker.

    3. Approximate value of all household goods.

    4. Make, model and value of automobiles, boats, etc.

  6. Creditors:

    1. Credit cards:  provide account numbers and statements showing current balance.

    2. Installment loans:  provide account numbers, balances, monthly payments and addresses.

    3. Mortgage loans:  provide account numbers, balance, monthly payments and addresses on all properties presently owned or sold within the last two years.  Bring proof of sale for all properties sold within the last two years.

    4. Amounts for child care expense, if any.

  7. Landlord Information

    1. Name and address of all landlords for the past two years.

  8. Bankruptcy and/or Adverse Credit

    1. Bankruptcy discharge and schedule of creditors.

    2. Letter of explanation.

  9. Divorce decrees, if applicable, including property settlements, quit claim deeds, modifications, etc.

  10. Copy of contract or listing agreement for the home you are selling (if applicable).

  11. VA Only

    1. Certificate of Eligibility

    2. DD214

*  This list is provided as a guide only.  Please consult with your lender for specific documentation requirements.